Monday, April 29, 2013


Death to DC’s Food Deserts Webliography

1.    USDA: Food Access Research Atlas is composed of maps of the United Stats and allows you to locate Food Deserts within the United States.
2.    Yes! Organic Market Pulls out of Southeast is an article from the Washington Post, it discussed the unsuccessful organic grocery story in S.E, D.C
3.    Yes! Organic Market in Southeast to Remain Open Under New Name is an article from the Washington Post, it discussed the name change of the organic market with hopes in attracting more customers.
4.    “Race in the Study of Food”, Rachel Slocum discusses how race may or may not correlate with food production and consumption.
5.     DC Central Kitchen’s offers jobs and classes on food prep in the DC area. Their mission statement is, “to use food as a tool to strengthen our Community.
6.    Fresh Farm Market this website includes information on several farmers markets in the DC area, and special programs for low income families who are interested in shopping and or participating in the market.
7.    DC Field to Fork this website connects every NPO dealing with fresh food, & farmers market.  The site is also home to a weekly updated blog, and events involving farming page. This website was also used to obtain information and pictures for every community garden discussed in the blog

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